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Painting – a ”creative” form of art

It’s enjoyable and exciting, takes you to a totally different state of mind and provides an excellent medium of  self expression.

I fell in love with this art form when I was very young. It was fun, and taught me to look at objects in a different perspective. I started to understand colors and how much difference a bit of color can make.  Soon it had me experimenting with new mediums such as Oils and Fabrics.  My professional endeavors began as I was qualifying for  formal Diploma in Oil Painting. It was here that I had got involved with the commercial aspects of my hobby.

My Oils based on various themes involved a lot of dedication and constant thinking were displayed at various Indian Corporate including Hindustan Levers, Philips and many more.  Inspired I moved on to Stained Glass, a medium which I had not explored, as a result I got involved with the glow, brightness and textures which turned out to be altogether amazing and expressive this form can be.

My specialty in stained glass the “Quadruplet” set of paintings ‘The Lighthouse’ (240cm x 80 cm)  has found home at a famous hospitality location .This made me more confident and took me to further explore this art.

Shri Venugopal Kutty from Chennai, India, taught me the ancient Tanjore art form. Its countless themes, specific materials and beautiful forms, are indeed very unique.

Looking back, my involvement in art grew from water based to oil paintings, and from charcoals to pastels as the tools, and from paper to canvas to glass to fabric and silk as the medium.

My coming presentation Inspirations is conceptualized around different tools and mediums in this lovely art form.

I currently operate from my studio based in Dubai, UAE and take up selected projects for my various clients, besides doing what I love most  

introducing children to the World of Art.

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